How To...

Create new page by duplicating an old one

  1. Create new page by duplicating an old one
  2. on left-side menu click pages
  3. find the old page you want to duplicate
  4. hover that page in the pages list with your mouse and click ‘Edit with Elementor’
  5. on bottom left corner find ‘UPDATE’ and click the triangle next to it
  6. click ‘Save as Template’
  7. Type a Name for your template and click SAVE
  8. click browser’s Back button to go back to list of pages
  9. on top left corner click add new
  10. Start typing new page’s title where cursor blinks and click Publish on the top right corner
  11. click ‘Edit with Elementor’ button on middle top
  12. click the circle button with folder icon named ‘Add Template’
  13. click ‘My Templates’ tab in the popup; find your template in the list and click insert; Click ‘Yes’ in the popup titled ‘Import Document Settings’
  14. after the template is imported you can start customizing the new page
  15. click ‘Update’ on the bottom left corner to save changes
  16. click browser’s Back button twice to go back to list of pages; refresh browser’s window (hit F5)
  17. find your new page (if the list is long use Search Pages in the top right corner) and hover it with your mouse; click ‘Quick Edit’
  18. select the parent page for your new page (where you want it to appear in the main menu of the site); click ‘Update’ button
  19. Find Appearance/Menus on the left side menu of WP Dashboard
  20. find your new page in ‘Add menu items’ section and click the checkbox to select it; click ‘Add to Menu’ button
  21. find the page in the ‘Menu Structure’ section and drag it to the right place with your mouse
  22. click ‘Save Menu’ on bottom right