Directors & Chairs

Summer 2024 Staff

Director – Michael Horvath

Sports Director – Zach Seiden

Assistant Director – Nashaline Godfrey

Assistant Director – Mina Candelario


Chairs & Committee

The Bayberry Camp Committee is a team of volunteers that oversees the general management of the camp, including staffing/hiring, activities, menu, and registration. The Committee is comprised of Alexandra Alexin (current chair), Dana Newblatt, Heather Horowitz, Talia DiPietro, and Kim Johnson. The committee members are not on the premises on a daily basis. Our qualified Director and Assistant Directors will manage the day to day operations along with the sports team and a staff of senior counselors, junior counselors and CITs (counselors in training). Bayberry lifeguards are on duty and there is a team of qualified lifeguards that run the swim instructional program. We are always looking for volunteers — if you are interested in joining the Camp Committee, please reach out to us at