Pool Policies


Guest admission fees are charged daily. Guest fees are waived on nights where the Bayberry Social Committee is sponsoring Bayberry Parties or Friday night dinners. Guest fees will be collected using our digital attendance system. Guest fees will be charged against the payment method on file.


  • Adults – $3.00
  • Children 3-12 – $1.00
  • Children under 3 – Free


  • Adults – $5.00
  • Children 3-12 – $3.00
  • Children under 3 – Free

Members are allowed up to 8 guests on a weekday and 5 guests on weekends or holidays. Nonresident family members are considered guests. During the pre-season, guests are limited to 3 per household on weekdays to ensure everyone’s safety due to staffing limitations. You must be present at the pool with your guests. Please note that in accordance with Bayberry’s by-laws no Bayberry resident (including children) may enter the pool as another resident’s guest. We urge all residents to support our association and join the pool. A list of pool members will be kept at the front desk.