How to create a page step by step

Click on Pages > Add New

Type in your page title where you see big ‘Add Title’ in the middle (1), then click on Edit with Elementor button on top (2)

Click the Add Template button (rounded one, third from left on top)

Select My Templates on the top of the pane (1), then find ‘! template for inner page creation’ in the list (2); click Insert button on the right (3) and then click ‘Apply’

Type in your page’s title on top: you can edit inmediately by clicking the title or by clicking the title and edit in the Text Editor on the left

to update top header image please click and activate Navigator button on bottom left;

Click topmost section in the Navigator (1) then select Edit Section > Style tab (2); click Image to choose new image (3)

Activate Media Library tab in the Insert Media pane (1) and select an already uploaded image then click Insert Media button on bottom right corner (2).
You can drag and drop an image from your computer to Media Library which becomes selected after uploaded
and then you can click Insert Media button.

Now you can add text, images and video to your page. Click the icon that looks like a grid on the top left (1).
You can drag and drop new page elements from the leftmost pane (2).

If you click an element on your page its various properties become editable in the leftmost pane.

If you want to delete a page element just select it by clicking on it and hit Delete on your keyboard.

If you are done editing the page please click on the Publish button on the bottom of the leftmost pane.